Important Information for Your 2021 Taxes

For this tax season there are several additional things that you will need to bring, including:


  • Third Stimulus: There was a third stimulus payment that was sent out in March 2021.  Please bring the letter that was mailed to you around May or June.  A bank statement showing the deposit can also be used as proof.  We will have to report the amount received.  The stimulus amount will NOT affect your refund.
  • Advance Child Tax Credit: If you received any payments for the Advance Child Tax Credit, in January 2022 the IRS will send Letter 6419 providing the total amount of payments disbursed to you.  Bring this letter with your tax documents. Please write down the dates and amounts you actually received.  There have been discrepancies between the amounts that should be received, and the amounts actually received.  We have to reconcile this credit on your 2021 tax return.  This credit will affect your refund.
  • Child Care Credit: Please bring the statement from your daycare provider that includes the provider’s name, address, phone number, and Tax ID number.  If possible, ask them to itemize the amounts for each of your children.
  • Proof of Residence: The IRS is requiring tax professionals to verify the address of each child listed on the tax return.  Please bring documents that verify the children that live with you. Acceptable documents must have the child’s name and address and may include: daycare statements, child’s savings account statements from a bank, or school documents. Older children may use college statements or W-2’s.
  • Required Minimum Distributions: RMD’s were not required in 2020, but they are required for 2021.  Be sure to take yours prior to the end of 2021 if you are 72 or older.  If you choose to make a Qualified Charitable Contribution from your retirement fund, please point that out to us so it can be properly reported to the IRS.
  • Virtual Currency: If you have sold or traded any virtual currency, it must be disclosed on the tax return. Depending on the amount, we may have to file an additional form with the IRS.  Please tell us if you have any virtual currency investments.
  • Self-Employed mileage deduction: The IRS is looking closely at mileage deductions. They are requiring details of where you went, the business purpose, beginning and ending mileage.  There are several good phone apps available that help track mileage.  We have mileage books available if you prefer to keep your logs manually. 




General Office Information:


If you would like to have a tax organizer, please let us know and we can send that to you.


This year we are adding Tax Protection Plus to all individual tax returns.Benefits include:

$1,000,000 Tax Audit Defense

Identity Theft Restoration

$2500 Tax Preparation Guarantee


For 2021 we are implementing a credit card service charge of 3% for all credit card transactions.There will not be a charge for using cash or check.


If you are unable to pay your tax preparation fees at the time your taxes are prepared, please let us know.We have partnered with a third-party processor that can take the preparation fees from your refund.They charge an $80.00 additional fee for this service which is also deducted from your refund.


We look forward to working with you again this year!